6 Painting Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Curbside Appeal

Your home’s curbside appeal will largely dictate how people will look at and judge the appearance of your home. This is especially true if you’re planning to sell your home. If you want prospective buyers to see your home as something worth purchasing, you better make sure it looks sharp, animated, and vibrant.

West Hartford House Painting Experts share six unique painting ideas guaranteed to spruce up your home’s curbside appeal in this article.

Refresh Your Garage

Exterior house painting involves every outer part of your home, even your garage. Contrary to popular belief, people will still notice your garage even if it’s not visible. A dirty and messy garage with worn-out paint can repel potential buyers and even passersby! To refresh your garage, you can use a fresh coat of paint to transform your garage into something more visually appealing.

Spice Up Your Fences

Your fences largely contribute to the curbside appearance of your home, and revamping them will drastically improve your home’s appeal. With this in mind, you should take some time and pay extra attention to your fences. West Hartford, CT, painters suggest you paint your fences with a lighter shade of your home’s color.

Paint the Shutters

Shutters are handy when it comes to showcasing your house’s architectural features. Since your shutters are placed outside, they’re exposed to the elements and tend to wear out quickly. To revitalize them, you can repair them and repaint them – either as an accent or to complement the color of your door.

Paint Your House Numbers

Most homeowners neglect their house numbers because they don’t think it won’t affect their home’s curbside appeal. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If your house numbers are rusty, worn, or faded, you can first remove the rust and then spray-paint them to bring them back to life.

Paint the Sidings, Trims, and Ceiling

Your house’s trims, sidings, and ceilings are far too visible to be neglected, but most homeowners overlook them. What you can do is fix and paint them. Doing so will help make them stand out more.

Turn Your Front Door Into a Work of Art

Your front door can leave a lasting impression, so keep it well-maintained and attractive. If your door is worn out, don’t just replace it immediately – paint it instead! West Hartford CT painters advise you to check your neighborhood to know what color would best fit your front door and use that paint color.


Unlike interior house painting, painting the exterior parts of your home can be pretty tedious. Luckily, the best West Hartford, CT painters can help you. House Painting West Hartford CT Experts have been painting residential homes for years, and they can make your exterior house painting project easy. Contact them today to get your free exterior painting estimate!